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Chalo Chalo Music Audio CD

Give the gift of learning - anywhere! Chalo Chalo Music has fun-filled Hindi songs for children and adults. Children will be able to play and sign along as the songs and the Hindi lessons are easily followed. Chalo Chalo Music is fun and educational.
Audio CD Price:   $9.95

1) Chalo Hindi Bolay
2) Colors and Balloons
3) One to Ten Jam
4) Alphabet Melody
5) Hokey Pokey Boogie
6) Happy Birthday Samir
7) Twist Away Dance
8) Hathi Walk
9) HeadShouldersKneesToes
10) Ten to One Jam
11) Alphabet Reverb
12) ItsyBitsySpider Rhyme
13) Chalo Hindi Bolay Chorus
14) Diwali Music
15) Alphabet Straight
16) TwinkleTwinkle Rhyme
17) ChuChu Chirya Rhyme
18) Chanda Mama Rhyme
19) Wheels on Bus Rock
20) Chalo Chalo Rap

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Please note that the song length on our Music Samplers are only partial songs!
To listen to our full length songs, purchase the MP3 Music Downloads below!

Song Name Format Price Action
Chalo Hindi Bolay [Preview] $1.50
Colors and Ballons [Preview] $1.50
One to Ten Jam [Preview] $1.50
Alphabet Melody [Preview] $1.50
Hokey Pokey Boogie [Preview] $1.50
Twist Away Dance [Preview] $1.50
Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes [Preview] $1.50
Wheels on Bus Rock [Preview] $1.50

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